We offer organic/pesticide-free teas grown on family farm in the foothills of Mount Fuji and Kagoshima. It is grown on high elevation where the air is clean, water is rich in minerals, and has rich soil that makes it possible to grow vital organic tea leaves. Please visit our website for more details. (www.shizentea.com)

Loose Leaf Tea from Japan

Our loose leaf teas are grown in the foothills of Mount Fuji. It is from the land that has been practicing organic cultivation for more than 25 years! Not only teas, but in this region vegetables and fruits are also grown without using any pesticides. Read  More About Region/Farmer

Powdered Green Tea

Our organic matcha is from the mountainous Kagoshima region. It is grown in a dense fog that blocks the teas from sunlight, which creates the two major health substance, the Chlorophyll and Theanine, rich in the teas. It is grinded with the traditional stone mill, which creates a  silky froth on top when whisked that provides smooth mellow taste.  We also offer organic sencha green tea powder in packets for modern people who are busy yet health conscious that are always on the go.

*Cherry Blossom Matcha is not organic