Hello, this is the blog site for ShiZen Tea Online Store.

We provide premium organic Japanese green teas, both in powder and loose leaf, grown on the family farms in the foothills on Mount Fuji and Southside Japan, Kagoshima.

We have migrated our blog site to this page, and we hope our blog will become a resource for our customers, friends, or anyone that are curious about our teas. It’s an opportunity for us to provide more context and information about Japanese/Organic green tea and our products, and also we look forward to engage with the community of Green tea lovers who support us.

Our purpose is to create a growing resource for those who want to learn more or understand more how to enjoy the teas. We will be blogging about general information about Japanese green tea, sometimes about Japanese food and culture, and of course about our teas. Since we are in Japan, I would like to especially post things and provide info about what’s happening in Japan. We hope you’ll enjoy and visit often.

Thank you! Arigato!