Green Tea Smoothie Recipe 2 – Smoothie Simple Banana Style

Last time, we did the green tea recipe of green tea smoothie – Fruity Smoothie style. This time I would like to share a recipe that is extremely simple and easy to make. The ingredients you need is just the following:


Green tea smoothie material


1. Cut the spinach and bananas to a size that it will fit into the mixer.

Green tea smoothie in mixer

2. Then add some organic green tea powder / organic matcha green tea powder and water.

Green tea smoothie in mixer 2

3. Then MIX! That is it!

Green tea smoothie in mixer 3


What I like about this is that it is easy to make and the are ingredients are not that costly. Also the health benefits are amzing! Spinach has dietary potassium, calcium, iron and more which is known as one of the low calorie super foods. Also banana is famous for its health benefits as well that is filled with nutrients (vitamin b6, vitamin C, fiber, etc). Top of all, the mighty health ingredient matcha and green tea powder are in with these healthy ingredients. I would recommend this as a starter in the morning or even at lunch before you start your afternoon work!

Green Tea Smoothie Home Made Green Tea Smoothie Home Made


If there are any other questions please feel free to ask anytime!

Thank you:)

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