Owner’s Tea Notes #2

HARIO Glass Tea Bottle

This is a great product that makes amazing Japanese iced teas from loose leaf/powder. The structure of this product is very simple. It is a beautiful glass bottle that has a built-in filter inside the rubber lid. It will make great iced teas especially from loose leaf teas, which is the uniqueness and specialty of this bottle. When made from this glass bottle it will provide a pleasant aroma and natural tea sweetness that is incomparable to any other instant iced teas or canned/bottled iced teas.

Simple Steps for Loose Leaf Iced Teas

Just follow the following steps:

  1. Add approximate 2 tea spoons (8g) of loose leaf
  2. Fill the bottle with water
  3. Put it in refrigerator for several hours

We recommend the organic sencha green tea for the loose leaf. I personally like the classic grade teas instead of the high end teas, such as organic sencha superior. The high end teas will be filled with strong umami and sometimes that is just too much for me to drink as iced tea. Of course, it is preference so please find out your favorite loose leaf tea by testing many kinds of loose leaf. It will also make great iced tea with organic hojicha too.

The products used are as follows:

          HARIO Glass Tea Bottle               Organic Sencha Green Tea

HARIO Glass Tea Bottle  Organic Sencha Green Tea

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