Today, we would like to go over how to make your own organic iced tea from organic loose leaf green tea. These iced teas will be great for you to enjoy this coming hot summer.

There are many ways to make your own iced tea, and today I would like to go over one of the simplest way you can make your own organic iced green tea.

Things to Prepare (One Serving)

  1. Teapot
    (preferably a Japanese Teapot Kyusu)
  2. Organic Green Tea Loose Leaf: 1 teapoon (5g)
    (ShiZen Organic Sencha Green Tea will work very well)
  3. Warm Water (Around 122-140 F/50-60 C): 120-150ml
  4. Ice
  5. Tea Cup

We will be using our Teapot Kyusu Mameshibori

Step 1: Prepare Warm Water

Once boil the water and leave the water for several minutes until it cools to approximately 122-140 F/50-60 C. While cooling the water, put approximate 1 teaspoon of organic green tea loose leaf.

This time using our Japanese Organic Green Tea.Organic Green Tea Loose Leaf in Teapot

Step 2: Add Water & Infuse for 1 1/2 min.

After adding the loose leaf tea to your teapot, add water and infuse for approximately 1 1/2 minute.  Usually with hot water we recommend 1 minute, but since the water temperature is low it will not get that bitter and actually you will get more umami (savory) substance by longer infusion with low temperature.

Organic Green Tea Loose Leaf adding water

Step 3: Add it to a cup filled with ice

Fill your cup with ice while infusing your tea. After infusing, pour the warm green tea into the iced cup and enjoy!

Japanese tea cup filled with ice (4)

Organic Green Tea Iced Tea (5)

Organic Green Tea Iced Tea (26)

The clear difference you will get comparing the instant tea and hand made iced tea are the scent/aroma and the refreshing taste. There are many other ways you can make your own organic iced tea. Next time, we would like to go over another way to make organic iced tea with organic green tea loose leaf.

Thank you!


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