Renewed our website and created a independent Tea Blog Site!

We  have created our independent blog site and redesigned the store website! Not only that, we added many new products to our store as follows:

Organic Tea Loose Leaf

We had an opportunity to meet with great loose leaf product that we have decided to add some of the product to our store. So far, we have 4 items but we will be adding some more in the summer.

Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea

Organic Sencha Superior Green Tea

Japanese Tea Pot Kyusu and Cups

Along with the loose leaf, we have added Japanese Tea Pot and Cups to our site. We have selected ones that have a traditional look and also ones that have some modern taste so you can enjoy both:)

Cast Iron Nabu Tekki

Cast Iron Nabu Tekki

Japanese Tea Cans

We also have beautiful tea cans that has the Washi (traditional Japanese special paper) design. Great product to store your Japanese teas.

Japanese Tea Can Chakan

Japanese Tea Can Chakan

We will start updating some info and continue to share tea knowledge from this blog. So hope everybody comes here often and enjoys there time here.

Thank you!

ShiZen Tea Online Store

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