The taste and character of tea will differ depending on how you prepare the tea: how you mix/infuse, what water you use, etc.Everybody has there own preference. Some may like bitter ones and some may prefer more sweeter ones.
The most interesting part of tea is that you can freely make your own favorite type of tea. This time I would like to start a series of “How to make your perfect cup of tea.” 
This series is to inform you the basic way of making powdered tea. By using this knowledge and tips, I truly hope that people will find there perfect cup of tea and deepen the way you can enjoy your teas.As for part 1, it will be about “how to prepare water”.
To go into details about water may sound a little geeky, but tea is basically 90% water, so its very crucial how you prepare it. You can use the same powder/leaf and try it with different type of water and temperature and find out what you like the best:)  Hope you enjoy the video.

Thank you for reading/watching!

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